School information

A - Name and address

Private University College of Economic Studies Ltd. (Soukromá vysoká škola ekonomických studií, s. r. o.)
  575/1 Lindnerova St., 180 00  Prague 8
  Czech Republic
  phone:   +420 284 840 027  
    student registrar office +420 284 841 027  
  e-mail: school  

B – Academic calendar

The study at the Private University College of Economic Studies (hereafter "PUCES" ) is divided into academic years and semesters, each containing examination, internship and holiday periods. An organizational schedule of a 12-month academic year is set and updated by PUCES Rector. The approved schedules are made available before the start of each academic year on an official bulletin board and the college website.


Academic year – standard schedule September–August
  Winter semester September–January
  Saturday tuition three Saturdays (in Oct., Nov., Dec.)
  Regular exam period January
  First resit exam period February
  Second resit exam period March
  Extra resit exam period (upon Rector’s approval) March–April
  Final state examination January
  Christmas Holidays end of Dec. – beginning of Jan.
  Summer semester February – August
  Summer semester tuition February–May
  Saturday tuition three Saturdays (in Feb., March, April)
  Regular exam period May–June
  First resit exam period September
  Second resit exam period end of Sept. – mid-Oct.
  Extra resit exam period (upon Rector’s approval) mid-Oct. – mid-Nov.
  Final state examination June
  Summer holidays July–August


Important events
  Freshmen (full-/part-time) matriculation mid-September
  Graduation ceremony (after winter FSE) February (beginning)
  Graduation ceremony (after summer FSE) June (end)
  Annual academic session November

C – Erasmus programme institutional coordinator

RNDr. Vladimír Přech
Department of languages and social sciences

telefon: +420 284 840 027, +420 284 841 027

D – PUCES general  information

Basic data

The Private University College of Economic Studies Ltd. is a non-university independent (private) tertiary education institution offering accredited undergraduate and master’s study programmes (as well as lifelong learning schemes) and carrying out associated scholarly activities.

School history:

PUCES is a higher education institution attached to the recent tradition of non-state education in the Czech Republic. Its curriculum having been accredited and the state permission granted in August 2000, the first academic year started in February 2001. Despite its short history, the college has established a good reputation, having graduated hundreds of successful students so far. The accreditation of a follow-up master’s degree programme in 2009 marked the beginning of a higher stage of PUCES development.

Self-governing bodies:

  1. Rector
  2. Senate
  3. Academic council
  4. Academic students’ senate
  5. Disciplinary board
PUCES Rector: Ing. Lucie Marková, Ph.D.
Vice-rector: doc. JUDr. Jan Ondřej, CSc., DSc.
Other administrative staff: Ing. Milan Hála – ICT, bursar
  Mgr. Věra Hudečková – external relations
  Mgr. Eva Charouzdová – student registrar office
  Mgr. Zuzana Havelková – library and resource centre
Heads of departments:  
  Department of Management and Marketing
doc. Ing. Přemysl Voráč, CSc.
  Department of Accounting and Finance
Ing. Lenka Fulínová
  Department of Law
doc. JUDr. Jan Ondřej, CSc., DSc.
  Department of Mathematics and IC Technology
Ing. Milan Hála
  Department of Languages and Social Sciences
PhDr. Karel Helman, Ph.D.

E – Admission procedures

Application deadlines are set at the beginning of each academic year and made available on PUCES website.
PUCES enrols candidates on the basis of a career-oriented admission interview, verifying applicants' aptitude for business studies and clarifying contractual terms of paid education provision.
New students are registered during September and October according to PUCES schedule.

Application deadlines

  • 1st term: 31 May
  • 2nd term: 31 July
  • 3rd term: mid-September

Entrance interviews

  • 1st terms: June
  • 2nd terms: mid-July–mid-August
  • 3rd terms: mid-August–mid-September

Foreign students are enrolled…

  • under the same conditions as Czech nationals, according to the Higher Education Act
  • in compliance with legally binding international agreements
  • upon submission of a relevant certificate verifying the completion of full secondary general or vocational education (A-level or equivalent); admission to the follow-up master’s degree courses being conditional on passing bachelor’s degree final examination 

Erasmus students are requested to contact the Erasmus programme coordinator at their respective school or the PUCES coordinator, Mr. Vladimír Přech ( Erasmus programme applications are available throughout the academic year.